Why buy a bodysuit and how to wear it?

by velvet babe on Nov 29, 2021

Why buy a bodysuit and how to wear it?

Many women get confused when choosing a bodysuit; there are many different styles and fits. This type of garment is an absolute wardrobe item for new trends in women's fashion.

So let’s dive right in, we’ll help you know the different types of bodysuits, how to wear them, and the pros and cons of wearing a bodysuit.

What is a bodysuit?

A bodysuit is stylishly fitted to the body that looks like a swimsuit. The main difference between a bodysuit and a swimsuit is that a bodysuit is not designed for sports or swimming. In the 1950s, influential fashion designers launched it as a sole luxury item. Then, after the lovable Betty Page went viral, the bodysuit left its mark on the fashion industry. The shape of the bodice ranges from traditional turtlenecks to bold plunge necklines. The lower half of the bodysuit includes thongs (perfect to wear under jeans or tight skirts), full hip coverage, short hips or mid-thigh! Bodysuits fit in almost any material to suit your needs or situation. It could be made out of lace, mesh, cotton, nylon and spandex - the list of fabrics go on. If your style is a little sexy, a mesh or lace bodysuit is for you, if you’d rather go for something more basic, you’ll definitely like a spandex t-shirt looking bodysuit!

5 Reasons to buy a bodysuit

1. Variety: Fitting a bodysuit to most outfits is surprisingly easy. You will look elegant, casual, trendy, formal, or simply stylish. Suitable for any occasion!

2. Flattering: Bodysuits are a beautiful, laid-back way to show off your waist and show your curves no matter what your body type is!

3. For your wardrobe all year round: Buying a bodysuit doesn't matter in winter or summer. It's just a matter of off-season layering or show-off. Keep this item in your closet all year round and you will always find an outfit that needs it!

4. Tucked in: You never have to worry again about your top sliding up, your bodysuit will always stay securely in place, nice and snug!

5. Layering: Since your bodysuit hugs all your curves, you’ll be able to layer it without facing any trouble. No more bulkiness to worry about. Pair it with an open oversized shirt, or a cardigan and you’re ready to go!

How to wear a bodysuit?

Bodysuits can be worn with literally anything! Time to get into your wardrobe and pull everything out!

You can pair your bodysuit with jeans, trousers, skirts, or shorts. Depending on your bodysuit, you can achieve a professional, laid-back, sexy, or fun look. Whether you like crazy prints, or monochromatic palettes, frills or glitter, you are bound to find your bodysuit match. Pair it with the right footwear and accessories and you’ll be able to wear a bodysuit day or night, all year round.

A simple sleeveless bodysuit looks great with denim shorts, a jogger or jeans. You can pair that with sneakers, low heels or a denim jacket to run errands, go out with friends, or head to brunch.

Bodysuits are the perfect choice if you wear trendy clothes to keep your look elegant and clean all day long. Its close-fitting design makes it perfect for blazers and jackets as well. An elegant neckline that goes well under a blazer, a bodysuit with subtle colors, and the stylish detail of a bag that will make you stand out on the way home from work are the perfect complement to your evening out at work!

Use the bodysuit  to create a stylish look that combines sexy and versatile. Choose from thin mesh with plunge necklines, strategic coverage, lace-ups and cutouts, off-the-shoulder and one-shoulder cuts in a range of luxurious fabrics such as velvet, lace and more. Jeans and leather pants or skirts are stylish options for clubs, lounges or a hot date. The bodysuit also doubles as lingerie, providing a sexy base layer underneath the low-cut top and loose-fitting sweater. This scene snatcher can also work alone. Depends on how much skin you want to expose!

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