To Bralette or Not to Bralette?

by velvet babe on Dec 01, 2021

To Bralette or Not to Bralette?

First off, let’s get down to what the difference is between “bras” and “bralettes”; one of the most important differences is that bras are more function over fashion, whereas bralettes are more fashion over function.

Bralettes offer less support than bras because they’re less structured and are usually wire free. They come in different shapes but the most common is triangle cup. It also comes in a variety of colors, prints, and materials.

Unlike bralettes, bras most often come in neutral or skin tone colors, they may offer more coverage and better support for those with fuller busts.

On the other hand, bralettes are a fashion statement on their own; whether you want to keep them a secret under your clothes or have them show through your tops, well that’s up to you. You’ll always know that your boobs are wrapped up in a cool, cute, or sexy item.

Since bralettes lean more towards fashion, people feel more at ease about their bralettes showing than they would with regular bras. This can be really helpful if you have an extra revealing top, or a dress with a deep plunge neckline; having a cute bralette show through would actually add to your look.


Now that the introduction is over, let’s get into how you can style bralettes!

  Bralettes are one of the most versatile items to wear, you can wear it over a top or a dress, or under them, you can wear it on its own or under a jacket or shirts.


  • Bralette over t-shirt, for this we’ll recommend a lace or mesh bralette. Keep it airy and light. For contrast, try a black bralette over a white T-shirt.
  • You can also try a bralette over a shirt. This could be worn day or night, if you’re planning on making a day fashion statement, try a bralette over a button-down shirt and a pair of mom jeans. If you’re heading to the club, try a satin bralette with trousers or a mini skirt and a button-down shirt. Heels and a leather jacket or cardigan will enhance that night look.
  • If you don’t like the 2 previous options, try inverting the look; go for a sheer blouse or a tank top with a bralette underneath.
  • Bralettes can also act like crop tops. Pair a cute bralette with high waisted jeans or denim shorts and you’re Coachella ready!