Crop Tops

by velvet babe on Nov 29, 2021

Crop Tops

Crop tops are our favorite fashion items that challenge beauty standards when it comes to body shapes and sizes. No matter if you’re a big babe or a skinny babe, you have the right to flaunt what you got. So, whether you wanna show off your tummy rolls, six packs, big boobs or small boobs, crop tops should always be your go to piece.

The varieties are endless, from tops the size of sports bras and bralettes, to basic crop t-shirts, from ruffled blouses to tube tops, a shape for everyone and every occasion.
Lace, velvet, stretchy, glittery… a fabric for every outing.


Here’s how you can style your crop tops to perfectly fit your body shape!

  • For pear shaped and hourglass bodies, combining your crop top with high waisted jeans and an oversized shirt tied up at your waist will flatter and accentuate your midsection.
  • If your legs are longer than your torso, try a monochromatic outfit, go for your choice of pants and a crop top and pair them with heels. Your exposed midsection will be accentuated.
  • For petite bodies, opting for high waisted jeans or flared pants with a crop top that barely shows your midsection will give you a more elongated look.
  • Those with a fuller bust need to pick crop tops that make them feel comfortable and secured. Formfitting crop tops or tube tops could help you achieve that, you can pair the with flowing skirts or pants.
  • Athletic bodies would look great in fitted crop tops with cut-outs or long sleeves to define the toned muscles. These go well with high waisted leggings.
  • For apple shaped bodies, crop tops with fun detailed sleeves or embroidered shoulders will pair well with maxi skirts.

A crop top styled for every occasion

For a casual look, you can always pair a basic crop top or one with prints with denim skirt, shorts, jeans or trousers.

An edgy look would require a leather jacket, you can pair that with black jeans or leather pants and heels or combat boots.

A more business-like vibe could be achieved with a blazer over your crop top.

Nothing is sexier than a crop top with a cut-out back, paired with a mini skirt, leather shorts, or leggings and the right accessories.

These were, of course, only suggestions, you go with what you like, defy the rules, and DO YOU, BOO!